Dr. Paul Bolton Professional Theater Critic

I contacted Amber prior to a photo shoot for head shots I needed for some theater and film work. I know how the bright lights can wash a person out and make them look a bit flat, but I still wanted to look natural.  As a male I was concerned with looking “made up”, but Amber knew what products were best suited and how to apply them to accomplish what I was after.  The results were great and I have received numerous compliments (not to mention work) because of it.  I am grateful to Amber for all her suggestions, and am still using the helpful tips she gave me for current roles.  

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Danelle Rains Stay-at-home parent

Amber did such a great job on my makeup for my wedding. I looked like the absolute best, most beautiful version of myself. I had so many compliments; even my dad who had been telling me all week long "I'm going to have to try and not look better than you" was shocked. He told me "There's no way I could look better than you today." Everyone told me how beautiful I looked on my day. 

Amber did my maid of honor's make up also and we both looked stunning.