About the Artiste

Meet Amber

Hi! I’m Amber, owner of Beauty and the Artiste. My passion is helping you look your best. I’ve been a makeup artist and working in the beauty industry my entire career. I have worked as an esthetician at various well known spas. I love the skin, making people feel good about them self, and providing a comfortable atmosphere.  All of us could use a good pampering.  I have a great assortment of skincare products, and I thrive on seeing my clients get results. 

At Beauty & the Artiste I offer a variety of spa skin, body, and beauty treatments.  Regular monthly facials can help keep you with a healthy, well-balanced complexion.  Analyzing your skin and finding the best skincare treatment are top priority to me.  The deep exfoliation and rich mask under the comfort of steam are two steps we don’t get to enjoy in front of our mirror at home. The quality selection of skincare products I use are targeted to treat specific concerns while hydrating and soothing your skin.  

Adding chemical peels or microdermabrasion to a monthly facial, improve your results.  I’m experienced with chemical peels and microdermabrasion, and I personally receive chemical peels on a regular basis.  They are a fantastic, anti-aging way to polish your skin and to knock out acne.  I've found getting chemical peels done regularly has drastically improved the quality of my skin.  I recommend a chemical peel for many different skin types. But if you have sensitive or sun burned skin, this is probably not the best option for you. Since there are some contraindications, please call me if you are unfamiliar with chemical peels to make sure you are a good candidate.  The chemical peels I use are by Sanitas, which is an excellent, extremely effective product. 

Makeup Artistry is my passion and I hope you take some time with me sitting in the director’s chair.  It's fun to play with trends and bold colors when creating a beautiful cosmetic application.  However, my training and background have been in creating natural, classic, feminine, and wearable makeup looks.  I see opportunities for women to become more comfortable with their own makeup at home.  The makeup services I offer are tailored to what I have seen women benefit from the most.  From my makeup applications to one on one tutorials, you will be listened to and the experience is tailored specifically to you.

Please take some time viewing my website.  If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call.  I appreciate you taking time to read about me and hopefully you will visit the spa for a pampering service.


Amber Reddy