I am so pleased to use Sanitas Skincare.  It is the skincare I used while I was in school and has been the skincare I personally use ever since.  Here are some reasons I love Sanitas:

Their ingredient technology is able to uniquely detect your skin's imbalances and maximizes its ability to regenerate and regulate itself. The ingredients in each Sanitas product are scientifically chosen to interact with each other and your particular skin type to produce optimal, customized results.

To a chemist everything is "natural" – even poison ivy! Although certainly natural ingredients are substances found in biology and innately found in the skin. The active ingredients in every Sanitas product are chosen to boost the body's existing processes for healing and protecting the skin.

Book yourself a relaxing service and experience some the best products on the market.

My makeup artist kit was a blast to fill!  I had the most fun hand picking brushes for my over-sized brush roll, eye colors, and face perfectors.  The makeup and tools inside my makeup artist kit range from high-end to basic over the counter pieces.  You name it; I probably have it in my kit.  Some of the well-known brands I chose from are CHANEL, stila cosmetics, Laura Mercier, Trish McEvoy, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and many more.  When it comes to cosmetics, there are also specific products, brands, brushes, etc. that are best for different types of women’s needs.  My kit has products for all types of women.  For example it has something for women on the run, troubled oily skin, makeup connoisseurs, trend followers, natural beauties, those in need of concealing and perfecting… Take a seat in the director’s chair and let’s have some fun!