Makeup Tutorials and Workshops


The Perfect Pout $65 - Add a Friend For $40

The creation of your own personal lip wardrobe, discover, push your comfort zone, learn the best products tools and techniques for you.  Find your best natural, pop, and surprise color choices. 

Customize Your Supplies $125

Bring in your makeup bag along with brushes and your other cosmetic products.  We will update your routine, keeping looks you love, have fun making the most out of your beauty favorites, re-discovering hidden treasures, and determining what is needed to fill in the gaps.  

Brush It Out $65 - Add a Friend For $40

Bring in your brushes and I've got mine, learn application techniques, how to care for different brushes, which brush is best used with which product, application techniques, and more...

Complexion Perfection $65 - Add a Friend For $40

From start to finish learn how to pick out the right colors and products to create a beautiful canvas.  Bring in your personal favorites, be ready to ask questions, and get suggestions.

Customize Your Eyes $85

Open your eyes to the basics, new tricks, or advanced techniques. Choose what look you want to create and we will go over all the bells and whistles.  Learn how to make your eyes stand out using the proper tools, techniques, and products.

Esthetic School Seminars $350

This five hour tutorial covers lessons on warm vs. cool color combinations, complexion matching, application techniques for eyes, lips, and cheeks.  It covers current makeup trends, professional makeup artistry career potentials, and cosmetic brand product selection recommendations.  I will come to your location and need information in advance regarding the supplies and makeup you have on hand.